Weighing Systems

A few things to consider when buying a new weigh system.

1 We fit all our trays flush within the floor.

2 We never sit a crush on top of the bars and then sit the bars in the muck and wet!

3 We never sit a weigh tray on top of the crush floor as an after thought!

4 We never sit a weigh tray in the rear of a mobile crush – ours go in the front! By sitting the tray in the rear you effectively create a “two part” crush, this then creates a start/stop/start system that does nothing to encourage cattle to flow. Anyone who puts the weigh tray in the back only does it because thay cant fit it in the front – systems need to flow and not start/stop!

5 We will fit your bars, therefore if you have a good set of bars in working order then we will fit them, likewise, if you have a weigh head on a sheep sclae or similar then we will fit bars to match therefore avoiding the need to invest in two heads.