Static Squeeze Crush

Our range of static squeeze crushes are all fitted with the dual sided squeeze; the manual operation allows the operator to feel and therefore control the amount of pressure being applied to the stock in the crush – unlike hydraulic squeeze crushes where the operator has no idea of the amount of pressure being applied.

Due to its swift easy action its possible for suckler cows and calves to be handled together as the operation of the squeeze is quick enough to cope with the speed of the stock passing through the crush. This also applies to the TB testing of young stock as the squeeze can be opened to its full width as the stock enter the crush and then “squeezed” swiftly when the stock are in the crush.

For dairy farmers the squeeze is exceptionally affective when freeze branding as the operation contains the stock safely whilst removing the risk of kicking but also leaves the branding area fully exposed! With full length side doors there is plenty of acces for cesarian sections and belly clipping as required.

The basic model has a rear “slam shut” door, however we can fit a vet cubicle and rear sliding door if required, we can also fit weighing equipment as required.

Please ring Wilton on 07802 331006 for further details.