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20th February, 2015 GRANTS - Dont miss out!!

With the 2015 application window expected to soon open then now is the time to do your home work, previous rounds have help fund new livestock handling equipment inc Mobile and Static Crushes, Weighing and EID etc. 

The last scheme was so over subscribed that may were turned down, so dont wait - give me a call today on 07931 581381 for advice on how best to prepare BEFORE the window opens! Nick Hiscox

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3rd November, 2014 Beef Expo - Exeter 13.11.14

Come and see us at the Westpoint where we will have both Static and Mobile Squeeze Crushes on show.

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26th October, 2014 Agri Expo - Carlisle 31.10.14

Come and see us at The Agri Expo in Carlisle next Friday 31 October, we will be displaying Squeeze Crushes with and without weighing.

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Mobile Cattle Handling Crush

Mobile Cattle Handling Crush

Our Mobile Cattle Handling Crush has been designed to get those crucial cattle handling jobs done safely and efficiently. Take the equipment to the cattle and reduce staff time and animal stress. Designed for all routine cattle work such as TB testing, Blue Tongue, BVD and Leptospirosis vaccinations, worming and also pregnancy diagnosis. Rotating rump bars are not available on the squeeze crush.

  • Available in6.3 or 7.5 metre lengths.
  • Automatic or manual head yokes
  • Sliding divider gate
  • Hinged side bars
  • Vet side entry door
  • Parallel easy action front squeeze.
  • Rear light bar
  • Hydraulic wheels.
  • Numerous hurdle options
  • Multiple weighbridge options - contact us for further details

Eligible for grant funding, weighbridge options compatible with electronic tags.

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